Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Soul Magnifies the Lord... on it's own?

While the majority of my blog posts are somewhat planned, this one certainly wasn't. But I just had a moment of insight, not quite an epiphany, as it's not new, but a reminder of something I knew... but had ceased appreciating.  No, it's not amazing or anything but it managed to hit me - it was a message I needed right then.

I recently started a series about FALL and the next post is about leaves. I've actually been intending to write it for two weeks, but it hasn't happened. Mentally it's been written half a dozen times as I've been rejoicing in the beautiful leaves we have this year, but technology has not quite caught up to the posting our thoughts automatically... which is probably a really good thing.

"My soul magnifies the Lord," said Mary as she spoke to Elizabeth. Mary had gone to visit her after the angel's message that Mary would have a child, and that Elizabeth, would also. They were both rejoicing, and when Mary spoke, Elizabeth's baby moved. (That always makes me cry.)

"What on earth does this have to do with writing, or not writing, a blog about fall leaves?" you wonder. Everything.  As I've passed the beautiful leaves, marveling at the sparkling colors against the bright blue sky, I've felt awe and contentment. One day, struck by the beauty, that line of scripture came to mind and it's been planned as part of that post ever since.

The Lord is complete. He is mighty, all knowing and all powerful.... so how could we possibly magnify, or increase Him? When your heart is full of joy, you have an almost physical boost from it. Your soul magnifies that joy and it permeates throughout your whole being. When the soul magnifies the Lord, it isn't increasing Him physically, but making YOU more aware... does this make sense at all? It's one of those "I know and understand" concepts that isn't possible to explain.

As I looked out the window at the large 100+ year old oak tree, I noticed the layers of colors and how the sun was hitting them in a way that reminded me of little spotlights. This inspired me to write that overdue post on Leaves in my Fall series.  But I just sat there, and the words Mary spoke again hit me.

This morning, I am unbelieveably weary, both physically, and mentally. I'm so tired of the joint pain and shortness of breath that have been my constant companions recently as fluid fills in the spaces around my heart and lungs. As I sat with my hands on the keyboard, nothing happened. Nothing physical that is, as in, no words were written. Yet, as I looked at the tree, and considered what it meant to magnify the Lord, I realized that inwardly, I had been lifted up. A feeling of peace came over me, a sense of completeness.... after a few minutes, I wanted to share, but see now, that it isn't really possible. My soul had magnified the Lord within me, as I had glorified God in the beauty of nature.

Before, I related to Mary's words as a mother, remembering how it felt carrying a baby, full of awe at the miracle of the life within. But recently I can understand the words in other circumstances, as I praise God for the blessings He has given me, even the simple joy of appreciating the autumn leaves.

And the other blog post? the one about "Memories of Leaves?" It's in my head... and soon I'll get it into words. Until then, peace be with you. Enjoy this glorious fall day.

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Foods of Fall

The Foods of Fall

 Part Two of the Six Part series, "Happy Fall, Y'all!" is about the FOODS of Fall. YUM!!!! You'll definitely want to try the recipe shared, too.

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