Saturday, May 12, 2012

Miss E's Big Day

Of course this baby would be a boy - that's just what Creasys have. Except that this baby was a girl. Half an hour after the doctor declared I wouldn't be going into labor anytime soon, I went into labor. Another half hour found us holding our daughter. That determination is a trait she continues even today. As soon as they cleaned her up, the nurses put a pink bow in her hair and she's been "all girl" ever since.

We named her Elizabeth, following the family tradition of naming the first daughter that. She is Elizabeth VII. It wasn't until the hospital insisted we give them the rest of the name for the birth certificate that we finally came up with the rest of her name three days later. Emma Elizabeth, named after my great-aunt and a special woman that took us under her wing in college.  We had a boy name picked out, but had never discussed the possibility that it could be a girl!

"Miss E" was "Daddy's Little Girl" as well as "Angel-Girl" to her grandma and "Prissy Miss" to her granddaddy.  Yes, she was spoiled, and relished her position as the only girl amongst all the boys for a long time. We kept saying, "Wait until she starts school and sees the whole world doesn't revolve around her. That'll be an eye-opener."  Well, on the first day of school, like all the other little girls, she wore her favorite pink outfit and had a pink back-pack.  But alas! The teacher pinned on a YELLOW school bus with her name on it to her dress! That would never do - it didn't match her outfit at all! But did the teacher say, "But Elizabeth, everyone else is wearing a yellow bus and that's just the color the buses are?" No, she made her a special pink bus.

It's been a long time since that first day of school, with many lessons, both a part of the curriculum or a part of life. Along the way, she started going by Emma, and added a husband and an adorable son. Today she completes a big step, participating in the commencement exercises at the University of Louisville. She's earning her degree and has already been accepted into graduate school. When she did her internship last fall, she was impressive enough to be hired to fill a position that opened up, even though she did not yet have all the qualifications. She enjoys her work in the Homeless Prevention Program, helping people get their lives back on track. I'm just glad she enjoys her work, though also love that she's doing something that will make a difference to others. Now that she knows her calling, hopefully, she'll enjoy future jobs as well.

Congratulations, "Miss E!" We are all so proud of you!


  1. I think Isabella might've somehow inherited a piece of Emma when she was my roomate during pregnancy. All girl!

    I'm so proud of Emma!

  2. Isabella reminds me a lot of Emma as a little girl. :)


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