Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nature's Sounds of Happiness

There are many sounds of happiness, from the contented purr of a kitten, to the contagious joy in the laughter of a delighted child. Wouldn't these make even the grumpiest person sneak in at least a moment of happiness? No matter the mood, nature has a way of calming us, bringing peace to our frantic moments. 

 Sounds of Happiness


  Nothing starts my day off better than to hear birds chirping in the dawn, often before it is light.  When I am awakened by the birds rather than the sound of an alarm clock, I feel peaceful.

While not "a morning person" by nature, the birds gently waken me and I start off in a positive frame of mind.  As the early morning light increases, the birds offer me their own crescendo.  My heart swells and I cannot help but feel grateful, well aware of my blessings. 

In the evenings, as I slide off to sleep, the crickets share a lively chorus, with solo parts by an occasional frog or ow.  If I am lucky, the wind teases the wind chimes into sharing  a few tunes as well.

Another favorite nighttime sound is the rain.  I don't want to hear the boisterous sound of noisy thunder or the crack of lightning ripping through the sky like a dagger.

Instead, I want to hear a gentle rain that smacks against the sidewalk and tumbles out of the gutter, sounding like a mountain stream dancing over the rocks.  We are fortunate to have a covered porch off our bedroom and the rain sings a relaxing lullaby.

Nature's happy sounds are both cheap and priceless.

Today's message is a reminder to slow down and listen, allowing nature to speak to you. It was published in my book, Whenever Possible, Have a Nice Day.  This is a "happy book" of positive thoughts and happy moments. 

Whenever Possible, Have a Nice Day


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