Sunday, June 23, 2013

An Unintended Inspiration

You've undoubtedly seen pictures that people posted of the recent "super-moon" when it was brighter and appeared closer than usual. Frankly, while it may have been amazing in person, when viewing the pictures, they pretty much look like typical shots of the full moon.

But there was an exception to the super-moon shots that not only caught my eye, but inspired me.  Robert Stephens is a photographer and I "liked" his Solitary Traveler Photography facebook page a while back. He posts wonderful pictures, saying, "If you like it, share it," so I am.  He posted this picture of Starr's Mill in Fayette County, GA - and it was taken at midnight! He wrote that he wanted to show the impact the full moon has on nature photography.

When I saw the photo posted on facebook, I commented that I liked it. But it was his reply to my comment that really made me think. He said, "I had no interest in yet another picture of the moon. I was more interested in how its light impacted the world around me than the actual moon itself."

Isn't this truly what life is about? Isn't our true purpose not only to exist, but to make an impact, a difference? It seems that our "worth" in life isn't measured by the time we spend on earth, but rather, the impact we make while here. As we reach out towards others, we welcome their hands raised towards us as well. This served not only as a moment of insight for me, but a reminder, and re-motivated me to share these insights.

For more information or art prints, go to Robert Stevens' website: 

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