Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Coat and I

Is it possible to have a relationship with a coat? Apparently, yes.

Right before Christmas 1986, we were at the mall shopping. The only reason I remember the year is that I was pregnant with my daughter and we were shopping for a maternity dress. At the shop next to it, I saw a coat in the window and mentioned it. I knew I'd never have it, didn't even expect to try it on, because it just wasn't at all practical, wasn't in the budget, and my coat would do.

Keith said, "Well, you do need a winter coat. Why don't you check it out?" I went in the store, not to look at that coat, but to see what they had that made sense. The coat in the window? It was velvet... no tossing it in the washer, so definitely not practical. The black velvet had subtle patches of paisley-ish pattern with shades of purples and mauve on the yoke. It was much more expensive than I'd ever pay. No hood either... definitely not a "mom coat," which at once was a detriment and thrilling.

While I'd never have even tried it on myself, Keith had me try it on anyway. I loved it and he gave it to me for Christmas. I've long since forgotten the cost, but guess it was worth it, since I wore it over 25 years. True, the past few years it was getting worn, but didn't see anything I liked better. For at least 10 years I've known it was getting worn - first the fabric worn by the seatbelt, then noticed the elbows getting thin. Yes, I kept an eye out for a new coat, but never saw one that charmed me the way this coat did, so I never seriously looked. I knew what I wanted... something stylish, a pretty color, warm... every once in a while I'd see someone wearing an attractive coat my size but I couldn't find coats when I shopped online. Two years ago, the coat actually should've been declared "done," but why spend money for a good coat if you thought it'd just be used the one winter? (that's a whole other issue)

But this past winter, the non-stop, bitter to the bone cold winter, my coat died. It gave it the best it could, but one day in early March, it ripped.  Not a little tear I can repair, but the worn fabric on the side of the coat just gave way.  I no longer own a winter coat.

Today I did my first search for a new coat...  something with a shape... perhaps in at the waist... or stitching.. a pretty color such as teal, purple, or red... maybe wool? with a hood? (I don't like wearing hats, but did this year because it was so cold)  Then there was a thought that actually made me laugh out loud. I thought, "I want a coat that Kate Middleton would wear."  Sure... that's easy. My goal is to match a member of England's Royal Family with an endless budget, tailors on standby, and a small size to boot. Sure, no problem... LOL  But you get the idea... it needs to be stylish but classy.  Unfortunately, nothing today. I don't expect this to be an easy search, and am not even guaranteed success.  But this new coat was big shoes to fill - it'll take a lot to replace my old one.

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