Monday, April 23, 2012

Morning's Hope

"Why ME?" I thought... and almost instantly God replied, "Why not you?"

God never promised that nothing bad would ever happen to us, or that times wouldn't be hard. But what He DID promise was that He'd be with us always.  When faced with these times, we are given a reminder that we're not alone. The despair can be replaced by acceptance and a resolve to not let this get us down. 

If we never had hardships, we'd never receive the blessings God provides through them. Would I have sought God in the stillness of the night if all were going well? Would I have listened in the quiet for the calm reassurance?

Where does my strength and inspiration come from? Certainly not from me, as I am weak and scared, but from God.  Each obstacle overcome builds resilience that is used in overcoming the next one. As I travel the journey, I am not alone, but am surrounded by those that help and encourage me. Hopefully, I can also help and encourage them as well.

Thank you, God.  I praise you for the peace and comfort you've brought me in the midst of hardships this morning.


  1. Bean, I love that you have such strong belief. So many times I have felt like giving up, that I just can't keep going on. Lord only knows how many times. Then I am reminded of Momma's mustard seed charm, "If ye hath faith as a grain of mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible unto you." It was one of those nights for me. Now, the "early birds" are outside my art studio window where I have been all night. They are beginning their songs letting me know that I made it through the darkest time, again. Love you! :)

    1. This came to me as the early birds were outside my window in the pre-dawn. It was a sleepless night but that was an improvement from the night before. After the 3 hours of the night before, I woke to the most painful morning I EVER recall... so the words came from an exhausted frame of mind, but from one of peace.

  2. Peace Love and Healing to both of you. God Bless


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