Thursday, April 19, 2012

Whenever Possible, Have a Nice Day!

We often tell people, "Have a nice day!" and sincerely mean it with the friendliest of intent. For several years, I had "Have a Nice Day!" and a little smiley face at the bottom of all my e-mail messages. Yes, I did mean it - for why would I want you to have anything less?

Then one day, I had a not so nice day, which frankly, wasn't that uncommon where I was teaching at the time. I saw the perky little yellow guy and thought, "Who are YOU smiling at? ME? Well, you can jump in the lake!" Suddenly, I realized that some days are just NOT nice days - who was I fooling? Furthermore, it was pretty nervy of me to insist, "Have a nice day" as if the reader could just do that. No matter how positive the attitude, some things are beyond our control.

It was at that moment that I not only changed my e-mail tagline, but began to appreciate the effort required to have nice days at times. "Whenever Possible, Have a Nice Day," I wrote. Sometimes, it's just not possible, so don't beat yourself up over it!

Those of you that have been blessed :) with my e-mail for a time, remember when I had that as part of my signature, and you might have wondered why it changed. Now you know.  For whatever random reason, a few years later I decided I wanted to share humorous stories and other things that might help a grumpy person in his quest for a nice day. I gathered them all up and made it into a book. The natural title was "Whenever Possible, Have a Nice Day!"

So, you, the person reading this... IF it is at all possible today, have a nice day! 
 Want to know more about the book I mentioned?


  1. thanks, you too! (hey, did you ever get a copy of this book? seems you did; your "chicken feather" story is in it! lOl)


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