Monday, February 4, 2013

Is THAT all?

Slow getting going this morning, sore, stiff, kinda yucky, just not feeling good.  My chest hurt when breathing all night, and it was hard to sleep, so tired too.I got up anyway, 'cause that's just what has to be done. 

Then after getting out and about, realized I have a headache too, leading to the thought, "Could I just be getting sick?" 

Smile. "Oh! is THAT all? Well, that's good!" - such is life with chronic illness.  I don't even remember the year I last had energy. I can do this! No problem.

When you deal with stuff all the time, getting sick is good because it's something temporary - it can be fixed and will go away. It's like the feeling of relief when you find out the crushing chest pain is "just" pneumonia, which can be cured, instead of another heart attack.

Don't worry, be happy! So, either way, it's good. I've been up a while now... might just be the normal slow start, not sick. If it continues, I'll take something for it. Either way - life goes on!

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