Friday, February 8, 2013

Yin and Yang = the balance

It's been a night of reflection. It wasn't intentional, but the TV was never put on, so it has been quiet, both the result of, and reason for, the musing.

It is my birthday - I'm 55. I consider that a good thing. It is cold and dreary outside, as it often is on my birthday, but other parts of the country are dealing with life-threatening blizzards. This got me to thinking about how I'd grumbled, even though I had it better than thousands of others.

Next thing you knew, I thought about some people I'd come in contact with recently, and their lives. It led me to the thought of yin and yang, the ancient symbol that reminds us of good and bad, hot and cold, male and female... in other words, the balance within life.

And you know how it is once I get to thinking... I start writing. It got so long that even "I" decided it was too long! It was supposed to be here, on this blog, but my thoughts developed as I wrote and it soon let me know it was not just a comment on life. It was a part of my Lenten Journey, so there it shall go. It will be interesting to see how this leads me, whether just to grow, or perhaps, to do.

You'll be "grateful" to learn that I divided it into two parts. They are scheduled to be posted on Saturday and Sunday. I hope you'll read and consider what I share, as perhaps it might influence you to do some thoughtful musing as well.

You can go to my Lenten Journey via this link or using the tab at the top of the page under the header.


  1. To begin with you made me aware that I am rarely awake without the TV going. From the time I awake till I fall asleep for the night the noise is always there. I realize that perhaps I am escaping from having a time of reflection. Your mention of yin and yang made me remember that no matter what I do reflect on I will be able to see a good and bad side - a balance to my thoughts. Thank you for your quiet thoughts. I will try to remember to read your Lenten Journey and have no doubt I will benefit from them. Happy Birthday :)

  2. There are times when I watch TV, often to escape, in the evenings. I DVR most things so I can fast-forward through commercials. Many weekends the TV never comes on at all - except for basketball games! LOL But I am comfortable with the quiet. One of the verses in scripture that touches me the most is the reminder to "be still... and know that I am God," as it is only in the quiet that I can turn off everything else and listen. When I got home today, I was thinking about the people I share with you in part 2 and it put me in a reflective mood. When I'm like that, the noise of the TV disturbs me. (and it becomes background noise as I don't follow any of the shows anyway if I am writing!)
    I certainly appreciate your comment - perhaps it's a reminder for me as well, to allow myself that quiet time in order to listen and grow.


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