Friday, February 24, 2012

From the Nativity to Lent

I have several... well, many, Nativity sets. I collect them and the whole Nativity Story is special to me. But my favorite is the large Willow Tree set called, "Holy Family." It's just Mary, holding Jesus, and Joseph. I have other parts to it as well, such as an arbor looking thing, but I keep just the simple family out all year.  They're on a table across the room from where I've been sitting to type the past few days.

I can't tell you the number of times I've looked over at them and thought about things. Sometimes, I think of the story of the Nativity, but right now, as we've just started Lent, I can't help but be reminded how the story continues after that birth in Bethlehem.

My life is vastly different than it would have been if the story of the Holy Family had not gone the way it did. Generations before Jesus were faithful to God, so that wouldn't necessarily have changed. But the reassurance of salvation makes a difference. Due to inventions such as written language, and later, the printing press, we have ready access to the word of the scriptures. The life of Jesus is more real to us as we can read about various situations, and understand what He was trying to explain to us. It's as if Jesus has made God more approachable in a way. But it's not just Jesus, or just God, or just the Holy Spirit... it's that the Trinity is One, that makes a difference I think.

While I feel a peace looking over at my statue, we don't need statues to know that God is in our lives. Perhaps it's a reminder, but we can see God in so many ways when we pay attention. The examples Jesus gave us for living our lives is still as valid as it was thousands of years ago.  Like parents feeling frustrated when our kids don't live up to our hopes and expectations, God must feel the same way when we fail as well.


  1. I agree with you about the Trinity making the difference for our relationship with God. Jesus did say "No one comes to the Father but by me" and his Holy Spirit sent to us completes the relationship.
    Parenting does teach us about God I agree. We still love our children no matter what they do, just as He loves us and perhaps "because" He loved us first. I am most distressed when I learn of a parent that abandons or seperates themselves from a wayward child. They do not understand the power of love. These are who we should pray for every day right?


  2. I've never understood those that can abandon their child, or even abuse them.. you're right about the power of love. Guess it just shows how powerful God's love is that he can love those we can't even imagine loving!


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