Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Shepherd

I woke up in the middle of the night with an idea for a novel. This is a bit unusual, as I don't write fiction. I'd love to write a novel, but didn't have a story, not sure I have the skills, etc. All the usual "why I can't" type things.  But the thing is, I had all the parts... The more I thought, the more ideas kept coming and I started getting a feel for the flow. Finally, I decided I'd better get up and write down what I had so far so I wouldn't go to sleep and forget it all.

As I wrote, the ideas continued. It naturally falls into sections. How convenient, as books do have chapters. It's historical fiction.  This makes sense, as when I read, that's my favorite genre, but not this time period. Adults might like it, but so would adolescents. I think. Anyway, I was startled, yet pleased.  There's still the very real problem that I've NEVER written things like this - not even a particularly good short story writer when I had to in school. Just not my "thing" you could say.

After finishing the description (9 pages of bulleted lists describing plot, and how it moves along; pretty much a completed skeleton actually, I had an idea. In a way, not sure if a good idea or a disappointing idea.  I thought, "Could this be used as an Advent devotional?" since I'm still doubting my skills as a story writer. "Nah..."

Except, I put down the Advent themes, and listed the parts, and yes, it could be done that way. But an Advent devotional as a storybook? Hmmm.... not a terrible idea. But not what I have in mind for Advent - especially not the ending.  (AS IF WHAT I HAVE IN MIND makes a hill of beans' difference when it comes to writing Advent books - if I didn't learn anything else writing, "And He Shall Be Called Jesus," I learned that.)

The thing is, I have had the idea of writing an Advent book on the theme of "Shepherds" for 2 years, but other books kept crowding in and taking over. So, I can't just discard this as not even possibly for Advent - it's amazingly complete. That's how the Advent books are usually "delivered" to me, all neatly packaged, ready to put words on paper... never this early though. (those that have read my books, especially "The Valley of the Shadow," know I have an affinity for shepherds.)

So, great American novel? most likely, not. Advent devotional? Kinda hope not. But will I be writing this story? Probably.  It'll take a lot of research; decisions on names, - mostly, will require a lot more in-depth knowledge than I have at the moment.  I'm not even positive where to get what I need to know. Oh well. God gives us tasks and then what we need to do them is provided, even though, we might have to dig a bit to find it.  We'll see.

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