Thursday, February 23, 2012

God is like Dialysis

Yesterday, on facebook, Pastor Don wrote, "From the top of your head to the soles of your feet, feel the flow of God."   I liked it and pictured God filling the whole body, heart and mind, with His presence, a good image.Then I got sidetracked a bit and thought of the circulatory system and how it works. Every ounce of blood circulates through the body, pumped by the heart.  Then, as I shared that I'd pictured the circulatory system, I thought of something else. My response to him:

"Makes me picture the circulatory system, with blood flowing throughout the body. I never realized it before, but God is like dialysis. In dialysis, all of your blood is circulated through a machine that removes impurities and excess fluid, then returned to your body. God is our filter - He removes the impurities and the excess stuff we don't need, cleaning us up ready for duty. wow. what a thought."

It's an amazing thought actually, that God is like dialysis, but that's so true. He takes the worn out, contaminated body and makes it new again. Then, He is ready to do it again and again as we mess up and need cleansing again. From the top of my head, to the soles of my feet, God is flowing. Amen.

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