Monday, February 20, 2012

Why I'm Morning Glory

When I was a little girl, my mom would wake me up and say, "Mornin' Glory!"
Later, when I first started teaching, the teacher across the hall said, "Morning Glory!" each day when I walked in. Then years later, I joined an online lupus support group and we all had nicknames. One of the other members gave me the name, "Morning Glory" because I loved gardening and am very optimistic.

None of the three people knew of the others using the name until I told them! Of all of the types of flowers in the world, it is amazing they all choose the same one.  This definitely makes it an appropriate, and special, nickname for me.  My favorite is the dark blue one, called "Heavenly Blue," which is why I use that picture. That ties in with my writing as well, as it is usually Christian in nature, and almost always positive.

We don't really use our nicknames anymore in our lupus group, but my friends still think of me when they see the flower. My friend Kath even planted Morning Glories in her garden in my honor!

When I considered a name for my book activities, the name was a natural!  Don't you agree?

Have an awesome day today - a  GLORY of a MORNING, even! This is the day that the Lord has made and here you are, alive and able to rejoice in it!  Making it through the night is an excellent way to start your day. As you continue through the day, I challenge you to notice all the other great, and even just decent, things about your day. 

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