Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Good morning! Lovely, rainy day out there... but rain is supposed to be heading out and we'll be left with a mild, and gusty, day.  Today is "Fat Tuesday" among other names. Mardi Gras and all that. Suppose it's unusual, but to me, it's "the day before Lent!" That might not be all that unusual, but I do focus a lot more on Lent than I recognize any celebration before it.

We're getting our bedroom carpets cleaned today. (that's the only carpeted areas in the house) It reminds me of New Year's celebrations in other cultures. People would clean their houses to prepare for the new year, sweep out the bad luck and start fresh. We've emptied out a lot of "stuff" in the bedrooms to get it out of the way. The trash cans are overflowing and Cedar Lake Lodge has a huge stack coming. This will be a good chance to re-organize things (again!) as it's put back. Of course, the dining room is looking a bit "crowded" with stuff put in there temporarily... bedroom chairs, tables, boxes... It'll take a little while to get it all back to normal, but I'm hoping, it'll be BETTER than normal.

You might want to scroll down, as this isn't the first thing I've written today. And for all I know, you might have missed the day before that. You wouldn't want THAT, now would you? (don't answer, as. it might hurt my ego.)

Have a lovely day. If you are a Cajun-food eating, red bean and rice eater, or a Shrove Tues. Pancake eater, or an "ignorer of all that" enjoy your meals today. I read a facebook post about someone that says their tradition is to eat jelly doughnuts today. That seems like a good tradition to copy... Wouldn't a warm Krispy Kreme doughnut, right out of the oven be good? My favorite is plain glazed, but chocolate glazed is pretty good too. It's probably best that they don't deliver.   Bon Appetite!

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  1. Just to throw in an "advertisement" of sorts... as you're thinking of Lent, you might want to consider downloading the Lenten devotional I wrote. It's not a stuffy, sad, "ashes and sorrow" type of book, but fairly upbeat (considering it's Lent) practical application of "Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me" and "Love your neighbor."


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