Sunday, March 4, 2012


Today, for me, is one of those "not great" days. I won't even admit to having a bad day, as I just don't do that very well. :)  However, when it comes to my blog, this means there's an absence of brain cells available. (You don't know how many times the backspace key has been used so far. A lot.) But it occurred to me that this might be a good time to introduce a concept I'd considered... planned programming, for lack of a better word.

And what is planned programming? Some people have certain things they do certain days. "If you see item X, then it must be Tuesday" type things. Maybe. I did consider it. Even considered some things I'd share.... and got distracted thinking of catchy things to call the days, but not so much what I'd share. But knowing me, would I want to be limited this way? What if I really had something I wanted to share on a Friday, but couldn't because that was the programmed day to do whatever. Probably not a good idea for me.

Before starting a blog, several writer-friends of mine said I should have a blog, and not only that, I should regularly share my writing there. I said, "Of course my writing, what else would I share?" But they meant I should share stuff I've already written, from books for instance. Hmmm... not a bad idea. That was one of the things on my "list of things to share" days. Wonderful stuff I pin on my pinterest boards is another idea. When I got past the "Marvelous Mondays" and "Terrific Tuesdays" type ideas, I got bored and quit thinking about it. The one thing I decided is that I'd keep more days free than programmed.

Well, then today hit and I wished I'd had some programmed idea in place because frankly, while I wanted to write, have nothing on my mind. Well, I do, but not stuff I want to write about and share.

In news this week, the weather tops the list. We had beautiful days, stormy days, tornadoes, cold, and now, snow flurries. The forecast has snow in the forecast tonight. Apparently, Kentucky continues it's tradition of variety in weather. We seem to have a little of everything... all at once.  And yes, we're all fine.

Other news is more positive. The paperback version of "Just a Taste" is now available. Not only that, I added 7 more pieces when doing this version. This brings it up to a total of 22 pieces from 15 different books I shared. 5 of the books are so new, they haven't been published yet... they're not even all complete! I released the Kindle version Feb. 8 and will update it to the "new and improved" version soon.

For someone that had nothing to say, I went on a bit, didn't I? Hmmm.... that happens a lot to me. Seriously - I thought I'd be lucky to have a paragraph! "Funny" how that happens. Well, I'd LOVE to hear from you! Is there anything you'd like to see here? What's going on with you?

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  1. I have edited this at least a dozen times! I keep seeing words missing, or out of order, etc. This is what happens when I write on brain-fog days. So, you have version 15 or so and I'm done. It is what it is.


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