Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Love = Unity

And the two will become one flesh; 
so they are no longer two, but one. 
Mark 10:8

Three years ago today, the couple in the picture. Emma Elizabeth Creasy and Rudyard Peralta Bamba were married. His mother lit one candle and I lit another. Then Rudy and Emma took the flames from these candles to light the one, symbolizing the uniting of our two families, and from these two families, their one new one.

It was a day of great joy as the young couple expressed their love to the world. I've heard some of my friends speak of "losing" a son or daughter because they got married. In our case, when Rudy and Emma were joined, we gained a son and his mom, Novie, feels she gained a daughter. Their siblings all welcomed the new member to their group as well.

In the past three years, they've weathered times of trial and stress, had happiness and fun, and strengthened their bond of love. Their union has produced a wonderful son, Noah, a source of joy for many. They'll have more worries, but none they can't deal with together, and hopefully, even more joys. 

So, today, even though they think they are the ones celebrating their anniversary, I am as well. It was 3 years ago that Rudy officially joined our family and we're forever made richer by it. Seeing how happy they are together is a blessing. 
Happy Anniversary Emma and Rudy!


  1. That's the way it's supposed to be ... the way it should be: two families becoming united through love, sharing their lives henceforth! All of you are very blessed to have found each other, especially Rudy's beautiful parents.

  2. Happy anniversary to Rudy and Emma and many, many more!


    1. Thanks Jan and Rachel, for your comments. In both cases, it said, "from anonymous" so I wonder who it is... Glad you put your names. I appreciate that.


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