Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Politicos Speak With Forked Blue Tongue

This week it seems March Madness has really hit home as we have TWO Final Four teams in the Tournament. How amazing is that? Outstnding! For me, a Louisville fan, it's an unexpected treat yet there are so many from Kentucky that just want to be mean and arrogant that it takes away what should be a really fun experience. I agree with them that UK will most likely win it all - I have all along - yet, they can't even be nice enough to acknowledge the achievement UL has made?  (The UK fans remain the reason I'll never be able to fully be a UK fan, just offering a polite support because it's our state.)

My favorite magazine is "Kentucky Monthly" and the Publisher, Steve Vest, shared an interesting article on his facebook wall today. I thought you might like it as well.


“We’re facing a huge challenge on Saturday against a great team,” said UofL’s president, sporting blue Oakley sunglasses. “If, however, we lose, the sun will still come up the next day in Louisville …”

“I’m not so sure that would be the case in Lexington,” said Capilouto, who apparently is the only one with enough detachment to see how things truly are.

He's probably right about that. Terry Meiners (WHAS radio personality) said, "UK should win it all but getting a team of unknowns into the Final Four guarantees that Pitino (UL's Coach) has already won." 

Reading Coach Calipari's fb wall the other day, there were the usual congratulations from fans. Yet there were some that reminded him it's "All or None" with them. (as if he didn't know!) One fan felt the need to remind him that getting to the Final Four wasn't enough. Coach Cal had promised a national championship and it's been 3 years! They went to the Final Four last year and came home empty handed! Empty handed? Sorry, but that's just sad. 

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