Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tournaments? Must be March

UL - Big East Champions!  :)
There are many ways of marking time; most people use a calendar to keep up with the year. Around here, in Kentucky, calendars aren't all that necessary, or if they are, they don't look like those everywhere else. Right after Christmas, we have basketball season, all of which is a build-up for "March Madness." It leads right into Derby Festival, a couple of weeks of fun until they race some horses and end it all.  So, you can expect quite a bit of basketball musing coming up. (Go Cards!)

Oh sure, other areas have basketball teams, but it's not usually the only big focus. They get distracted by football and baseball - we have those, but everyone knows they're just fillers until basketball starts again. Kids are issued a basketball and a social security number when they're born it seems.

The "Big Dance" starts in a few hours when the selection committee releases the pairings and brackets. Around here, a lot of people think it's just a formality - go on and give Kentucky Wildcats the trophy. I'd say it's their title to lose.  Until the SEC tournament, I was assuming they were unstoppable, but I've been a bit surprised at some of the recent games, even though they managed to win. Kentucky is probably the best team in the country, with many of the players a month or two away from being NBA players, but I get weary of the attitude of some of the fans.(and wish Anthony Davis would keep his mouth thing  in his mouth. UGG)

The Murray Racers, Western Kentucky Hilltoppers, Louisville Cardinals, and Kentucky Wildcats are all expected to be in the tournament. I hope none of the teams have to start by playing each other - that's so unfair.

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