Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Secret Life of Birds

Can you identify this picture?
What am I doing at 4 in the morning on this fine Tuesday, the first day of spring?  Well, for the past 2 hours I've been on the computer since I couldn't sleep. A quick 20 minute check caught me up on Facebook, with 2 minutes being more than enough for my regular e-mail account. What? People don't write "real" messages anymore? Sad. We're a sound-bite society, content to write quick one liners on Facebook, no longer interested in long discussions with a friend via e-mail.  (And considering it was 2 in the morning, you'd appreciate I was willing to have electronic communication and didn't try to call you, right? :)

That doesn't account for the other hour and a half, does it? Nope, it doesn't. One of the things I've worked on is something for my blog. It'll be unveiled on Friday and I think it's going to be a good addition.  It's all ready to go, but I'm somewhat patiently waiting. (waiting, anyway) This picture is connected to what I worked on for Friday. Can anyone identify it? Put your answers in the comment section below.

The birds are getting louder and louder as it gets later. It's still dark but one in particular seems to have a lot to say. Let's listen and see what's going on:

Emma-bird: Hurry, Hurry! It's the first day of spring and we aren't ready!
Ben-bird: Are you crazy? It's 4 in the morning. The sun hasn't even gotten up yet. zzzzzzzz zzzzzzz
Emma-bird: Andrew-bird, get over here. I told you to move this nest over to the side door. Move it!  Hey Jon-bird, did you and Ben-bird get that new nest finished yet? It's supposed to be on the front gutter but I don't see it yet.
Keith-bird: Are you sure you want it there? Seems it'd be in the way. Besides, what's wrong with the old nest?
Andrew-bird: I agree. The old nest is fine and the location is perfect, just where it is.
Ben-bird: Oh, new nest. Hmmm... well, no.  But I did refinish this new skateboard. Wheeeee!
Jon-bird: Hey! I think if I twist this piece of twine like this, and add this other one, we could rig up our nest to get free wifi!  Hey, Ben! Come help me!
Barb-bird: It's been spring for 6 weeks - we are SOOO late getting things started. I should stop what I'm doing and write about that.
Emma-bird: UGH. If you want something done right, especially when it comes to moving, you just have to do it yourself! I can't put these new baby bird eggs in our old nest! It's dusty!
Barb-bird: New baby bird eggs? Oh wonderful! Come on boys! Get that new nest built. NOW!

Wow. No wonder there's so much conversation. Who knew?


  1. cute! Does this mean Emma is nesting???

    1. LOL. well, not that I know of. But she was 9 months pregnant when she packed me to move and had a c-section a week before and continued moving, so that was my inspiration. She's always the organizer in the family, loves planning and doing things. She'd also know that new baby eggs would get my attention! :)

    2. I love this, very cute!

  2. Hi. Just wanted to see if I can do this.

    1. hi Anonymous - sure wish I knew who you are! :)
      Did you have to type a verification word using captcha? I had that removed, but just now saw it's still there. I've tried to fix that setting to remove it. Hopefully it's gone now.


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