Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring Fever

While it's 3 weeks until it's officially Spring, it's March so I decided it was time to declare it so. After all, the weather seems to think it's spring and I saw some jonquils blooming yesterday. So far, ours are not and I hope they hold off a bit longer. I'd hate for them to be all gone before we even get to spring!

God has blessed us with a pretty day today, sunny and not too cold. I put up my spring wreath on the front door. It has forsythia on it, as well as apples, which most (all?) of my wreaths have in one way or the other.

Welcome to my world. Welcome to spring.  "In the old days," back when I was in the classroom, I'd be putting away the snowflake bulletin board border, putting some shamrocks and spring flowers out, and hanging up some kites. The World Civ classes would be studying the Roman Empire by now. Language Arts classes would be busy revising their great literary pieces. The Spring Break countdown would be on.

 I was thinking about that this morning... interesting to me that I haven't thought of this kind of thing in quite a while. What they were doing used to always be on my mind. I must REALLY be retired now! Or maybe, just enjoying the shift, as last night I thought of a fun shamrock project Noah would enjoy helping me do.  (involves family pictures! I'll share if we do it.)
Happy Almost Spring!  :)


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